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Grateful Dead Live at Winterland Arena on 1978-10-18

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Grateful Dead Live at Winterland Arena on 1978-10-18

Topics Live concert

Sugaree, Me & My Uncle-> Big River, Peggy-O, Looks Like Rain, Stagger Lee, Minglewood Blues, Candyman, The Music Never Stopped Bertha-> Good Lovin', From The Heart Of Me, Ship of Fools, Samson & Delilah, Terrapin Station > Playing In The Band > Drums* > Space* > Wharf
Rat > Truckin', E: I Need A Miracle

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Winterland Arena
Location San Francisco, CA

Source Soundboard
Lineage SBD > Master Reel > PCM-1 > DAT > CD> EAC > SHN


SBD > Master Reel > PCM-1 > DAT > CD> EAC > SHN; via; known flaws (from MR): Sugaree, Miracle cut; PITB, WR spliced


Reviewer: chris phillips - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 10, 2013
Subject: Truckin'
To reply to skwimite who was wondering whether this was the only Truckin' to end a show: 11/6/77 and 11/21/78 did also. Jerry is seriously amped for the latter.
10/18/78 is a solid show. Highlights for me are Truckin', Wharf Rat, Stagger Lee and Sugaree.
Reviewer: CaptainToke - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 11, 2012
Subject: Totally weird "Lady With a Fan" first guitar solo break
Garcia starts singing a verse, forgets the words halfway into the first line, then gives up and starts soloing. He seems lost for the first run-through, but then instead of going back to another verse he keeps soloing. I think when all is said and done the solo break is 4 times longer than normal.

The final run-through of this extended break is super-quiet. It's just garcia and a single thumping bass drum and everybody else is super quiet. Suddenly the whole break seems coherent and tightly integrated, as though all those stumbles and errors were part of a longer process of developing something totally rad where Garcia normally just always played a fairly set solo

Cool show all around.
Reviewer: Half-StepN->H - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 25, 2012
Subject: Stagger LEEEE
Not only is that motha big he paaacks a forty fiiiiive. Could be one of my favorite versions, great solo at the end!!!
Reviewer: mejmej - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 29, 2012
Subject: was here i think
I have decided that in my life i attended at least 6 GD shows, possibly one more between 1977 and 1982. This is not significant by dead head standards, but is more for me than any other major band though I have seen individual symphony orchestras more often.

So I was at this and it was not too long before WL closed.

Wow one of the most 'convincing" Wharf Rats, I have EVER heard!
Reviewer: queso415 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 26, 2011
Subject: Sugaree
Another voice to the awesomeness of this Sugaree. One of my favorites.
Reviewer: PsychedelicCandyStore - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 14, 2011
Subject: Grateful Dead
Iv'e never been to a Grateful Dead show, sadly I was born too late, in 1995. I can honestly say however, that the dead have had a serious impact on my life. Whenever I hear them I feel happy and excited, and their music has been a better anti-depressant than that sht the doctors give out. This show from what iv'e heard on this recording is amazing. Of coarse it isn't the best, but I believe there isn't a best show, just many favorites. This is a stellar recording and should be in everyone's collection.
Reviewer: clarence46 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 4, 2010
Subject: In the country-o
This, along with 4-16-78, is one of my favorite Peggy-o's. I haven't heard 'em all, but I've heard a lot, and this is way up there for me. There's just something about it. Great show throughout. Whole show is crisp. Other standouts: Sugaree, Truckin', Samson, Big River. Nice sound. Give it a listen.
Reviewer: jakester76 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 18, 2009
Subject: The goods are right here!
Another fine Gem of a show. The sound is crisp and clean with good playing throughout. The highlights for me are: Peggy-O and Wharf Rat.
Reviewer: JamminJerome - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 29, 2008
Subject: nice
This show has one of the finest first sets I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. The Sugaree is very fine. In the second set, Heart of Me is very nice, I would call it a best of. I like that song in a way that I don't like Sunrise.

Lots of good stuff going on here, but not quite enough for 5 stars. 4.5, maybe, but not 5.
Reviewer: captainhits - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 23, 2007
Subject: Sugaree
My comment is for the Sugaree. Obviously one of the finest ever played. Big river is top notch too.
Reviewer: soapbox3 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 24, 2007
Subject: That baseball analogy
Grateful Dead Concerts Are Like Baseball Games
by David Gans

The following is the text of [Gans] famous Baseball Analogy as it appeared in The Official Book of the Deadheads (Grushkin-Bassett-Grushkin, Quill, 1983). It was modified somewhat from the text I submitted, and if [he] ever find[s] the original [he] will replace this with that. -- D.G.

Grateful Dead concerts are like baseball games: no two are ever alike. The plays are always different, and there's always fresh hope. Sometimes the game's an all-timer even though individual performances are sloppy; sometimes everybody plays great but the team loses anyway.

Some people thrive on yesterday's moments, and aren't too keen on the way the game's played today. Some have only been fans since last year and don't care what happened way back when. You can cherish the great victories and triumphant seasons and chart them across decades, or you can go simply for the enjoyment of tonight and to hell with the standings. Like all the great teams, the Dead have their pennant years and bleak innings, perfect games and whippings, hits and foul balls, heroes and goats.

To many they're an institution, to some mere child's play, and to others the Grateful Dead is more or less an indispensable part of life. There are those who say the game's too slow, that the brief moments of action and excitement are too few and far between. Like "America's Favorite Pastime," the Dead are both celebrated and criticized, and some people will never see what's to enjoy.

Like big-league fans, Deadheads are as varied as the game is long. There are scorekeepers who record every detail for statistical analysis and a place in the Hall of Fame; camera buffs and video freaks; armchair umpires, die-hards, groupies. Some are bleacher bums who'd be in the stands no matter who was playing; and there are even spousal fans who go because if they didn't, they'd be left home alone. A lot of people attend because they've always gone and really don't care to stop.

It may take a few visits to grasp the subtleties, but if you let yourself into the flow of things, there's something to enjoy from the very first moment you're there. As the old saying goes, the mind believes what the mind believes: Grateful Dead is cerebral if you choose to analyze it, but it's basic and instinctive too. Like the game of baseball.
Reviewer: nunnov - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2006
Subject: the dead at their tightest
i've not heard a dead show where the band is as tight as they are here. listen to the guitar solo in stagger lee, they're all hittin' together in perfect time. other shows have more flash & higher high points, but this show is tight as a mutha the whole way through.
Reviewer: flashbackmagic - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 21, 2006
Subject: "its like baseball"
to the guy who mentioned the above.

David Gans some years back wrote a great peice comparing the Dead to baseball, im sure if you google David Gans, Dead, baseball, it'll pop up.

Well worth the read, and rings true in every sentence. If I wasnt so lazy I'd copy/paste it here for you.
Reviewer: as1307 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 20, 2006
Subject: mojo!
i had been a huge fan of the drums > mojo/mind left body > wharf rat segment for years before ever realizing it came from this show (my brother had it on a mix tape, probably recorded from a dead hour).
anyways, i really enjor this show, though i haven't yet heard 10/21/78.

so this show has the best me and my unlce ever (is that even possible?) super disco-dead me and my uncle. very nice. i disagree with the uncomplimentary comments regarding this peggy-o. garcia's voice is a bit shot and even cracks a bit, lending this version a tenderness and vulnerability that works. the middle instrumental break is very impressive, as garcia, weir and godchaux all interveave beautifully. a pretty mellow music never stopped closes set 1, but reaches an excellent peak before the last build up section.

set 2 is a bit slow to get started, with a standard, and unexciting bertha > good lovin and later a ship of fools. i actually enjoyed from the heart of me (reminds me a bit of steely dan, possibly?). playin is the peak of the pre-drums section of set 2 with some nice hand drumming (by mickey?). in all, the jam is super mellow as the band really takes thier time. generally the playing here is quiet and subdued - very minimal. the end finds just jerry soloing being accompanied by the hand drumming. it sounds excellent.
the absolute highlight for me begins at drums. about 5 minutes in, lee oskar enter on harmonica and solos over the tribal percussion groove. the sound is very metallic and tinny, with almost industrial-like clanking happening, a bit jarring. garcia enters and starts noodling on top of this, followed by weir who starts strumming out the mojo theme. the rest of the band joins and they're just workin' on this theme for a bit. weir and garcia, perfectly in sync with each other (very impressive) kick right into the beautiful mind left body progression, but still mixing in hints of the mojo-jam. the band plays this mojo/mind left body hybrid for a few more glorious minutes and is followed by a confident rendition of wharf rat > the rousing truckin closer, ending this somewhat mellow show on a strong note.

give this amazing post drums segment a listen.
Reviewer: verylazylightning - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 16, 2006
Subject: I try so hard, but just don't get this show
For the life of me, after repeated listenings, I
can't figure out what the excitement is here. Not
that the mention of the word "Winterland" doesn't
get me all hot and sweaty - it's a Pavlovian response by now.
I definitely respect the other opinions offered
here, and the variety of taste in the Grateful Dead spectrum is just one of the signature proofs of the genius in this music.
Still, what I hear here is a rather heavy-handed
and plodding show without much imagination and
virtually no sustained inspiration or virtuoso
guitarwork. To me, they even soun physically tired.
Sigh. I'll give it another listen and get back to
you ;-)
Reviewer: austin nyc - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2006
Subject: One of Many
This is an excellant example of the Dead at the Top of their game.
Reviewer: L. Rosley - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 28, 2006
Subject: This is a great show
I've handed out my share of 3-stars and 4-stars, and even a few 2- and 1-stars, but this show is 5-star material. The playing and singing is tight, including Keith. The show starts with a very up-tempo Sugaree with extended Jerry solos, followed by an energetic and musical first set, and then a rocking second set. Big River swings. Bob, Donna, and Jerry do a fabulous Looks Like Rain. Listen to Jerry on Minglewood, playing counterpoint to Bob's perfect vocal. Also check out Music Never Stopped (again, powerful extended Jerry solos), Samson, Terrapin (an excellent version, even with the flub), Truckin', and I Need A Miracle.

From The Heart Of Me is not good here. A weak song to begin with, and Donna has sounded better. I also don't care for the Drums from this period, and this one is typical. But these are easy to skip, and the recording sound is great.
Reviewer: jfk62 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 22, 2005
Subject: A Great Run!
Another great show from a great run. The sound quality of this recording is particularly good - crisp and clear. The performance is extremeley energetic with fine playing from all. Jerry plays his heart out in these shows and the rest of the band is right behind in support. You can't go wrong with the 17th, 18th, 20th, or 22nd. The 21st is "supposed" to be the best night, but the recording is too fast as others have noted. Download from
Reviewer: The Dragonfly - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 31, 2005
Subject: Am I missing something here?
First song (Sugaree) first minute cut off (source). Everything is well played but the set list choices results in a boring first set of plodding, portentious songs. I find it rather too easy to reach for the ">>" button and skip over the aimless 7 minutes of "Peggy-O" and other lethargic songs. The Second set picks up considerably and is more interesting and well played. Trucking is inspired. Terrapin derails with a rare Jerry flub. Overall, a decent concert with superior soundboard quality. Nothing special, material-wise. However, I notice that most reviewers here have given this show a 5-star rating. So maybe I don't know what I'm talking about (or do I?). Listen to them, not me. Forget I wrote this review. Download this show. Honest.
Reviewer: pnc - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 23, 2005
Subject: Superb
I like the baseball analogy...but you of course are alluding to the NL style of play? Rarely predictable...

Anyway, perfect sound, great set list (to me)and ...yes, I must say as the years went on, and the music got faster and more rocking...that I prefered it. Not to deny '77 its due (i think I almost like '76 more)...but I've always thought the boys were at their best when they were setting a blistering pace. And a show like this is the beginning of them getting that loving feeling back! This one has something for everyone.

Highly recommended!
Reviewer: alex426 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 23, 2005
Subject: what about Sugaree?
after all the reviews, I cannot believe I see no comments on what I would call one of the top 5 Sugarees of all time...that's it.
Reviewer: Elvis The King - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2005
Subject: It's Like Baseball
Its like baseball. It amazes me that after watching baseball my whole life I still once in awhile see some play or situation I have not seen before. Such it is with the GD, only it happens more often. I have been downloading for two years and a fan since 12/31/71. The second set of 10-18-78 has new unseen plays, at least for me. For that reason alone I would download it. But first and very important, the sound is very clear and all instruments and vocals are heard, and it is loud.

One thing that makes the second set unique, like an error, is that it is one of the few times that I have heard Terripin Station messed up. It has always suprised me how correctly it was usually played, given their history of forgetfulness. At 2:38 Jerry gets lost and starts meandering into foul territory lost. Skwimite below states it best; "Terripin lyrics are flubbed, and the whole piece is oddly tentative and confused, yet endearing." Skwimite must be a girl or a very sensitive guy. They do get back on track after a couple of minutes and it becomes its normal greatness. And it is loud and powerful. I don't agree with the aforementioned smart girl/sensitive guy Skwimite that "PITB suffers the same fate vocally." It seems fine to me. What is unusual is 8:20 into it Garcia is on his own and it does some interesting and unique work.

"Drums" and "Space' are very interesting and unique also. I guess someone is playing a harmonica. It is too early for Jerry to be playing the flute.

I agree with StrawRider that in some ways 1978 hands 1977 its hat. 1977 was a follow up to the very slow 1976. 1978 started to rock hard. I guess it depends what you like. All I remember was I was dancing my ass off and at the end of the concerts was screaming my ass off. And that was at Winterland, SF. Infact I am screaming right now in my little brain because I still love the music and can't believe that it still interests and "excites" me.

Samson and Delilah is great. That is one of the few songs I remember the first time I heard it played, at Winterland. Tear this old building down. I thought, no not Winterland. I love this place. Please donÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂt tear it down Bobby. Wharf Rat is rockin great. What makes things really unique is Truckin ends the concert. I can't recall ever seeing/hearing that happen. And it works great! What a great job they did. It is played like a concert closing song. I am listening to it right now for a second time and I am speechless.

Wow......Truckin' is over now. I can talk. Probably the best Truckin' ever, for me. Too strong of a statement? Listen for yourself. If you agree send me a happy thought. Finally, the encore is a very early "I Need A Miracle." This is very unique for two reasons. Numero Uno, it is the encore song. Numero Two-o, it was done with Keith and Donna. Because I am a Keith and Donna lover, not basher, I really enjoy this version. Donna really does a great job on it. The way they ended it is unique and works out as a great encore song.

Needless to say.... 5 STARS! If you agree with this review don't forget to send those Happy Thoughts!

Elvis is alive, "excited", and at times speechless.
Reviewer: StrawRider - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 1, 2005
Subject: Blistering
In some ways, '78 hands '77 its hat. This is simply a must have Winterland event. I really do try not to hand out FIVES everywhere but this show deserves it. On a side note, I've created a "Dream Set" playlist in my iTunes for all the 'best versions' of songs and the Samson And Delilah from this show has been cemented in that list for a long time. So I totally agree with the previous reviewer. It cooks.
Reviewer: PUFFtronica - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 26, 2005
Subject: IN----CREDIBLE
Reviewer: FestiveLiving - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2005
Subject: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I cant say enough. This along with the rest of the winterland shows are a no brainer.. Period..
Reviewer: skwimite - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2005
Subject: Scorching Samson
Sound quality is superb, and Garcia shreds Samson! One of the best. Terrapin's lyrics are flubbed, and the whole piece is oddly tentative and confused, but endearing anyway. Some really beatiful passages in it. PITB suffers the same fate vocally, but finds it's legs soon enough. Drums have that Egyptian slant, very nice, and drift into interplay with Lee Oskar. Space into Wharf Rat flawless, and an excellent WR too. Whistle countdown to an blistering and appropriate Truckin', in a rare(only?) show closing postion. Miracle encore sounds complete to me. 5 for sound, 4 for show, gotta give it 4.
Reviewer: Pango - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 25, 2005
Subject: Sold
Well , have listened to most of it and right now Im truckin like the Doodah Man. and must say this is a terrific show. sound quality very good. the jam out of Playin' completely stopped all conscious thought and the out-of-drums Mojojam hd to be played again, its bouncy and clever little flairs effectively lifting my spirits. also, could be just me though if not completely cued into the rhythms, one may think that they are about to play Dark Star as opposed to Wharf Rat. Then to add one of the better Wharf Rats i have heard. Jerry's fills are everywhere and often.
Certainly recommend this San Francisco celebration!

Reviewer: just my jazz you crazy snoz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 6, 2005
Subject: did i say 5? cause i meant to say 5.
Bodhisattva, won't you take me by the the hand?
listen to the light, dammit man.
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